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About us

Primate Journeys Africa is a tour company that specializes in safaris and tours in East & South of Africa. Our focus is on high quality, tailored tours and safaris for all types of clients. We offer scheduled group trips or if you prefer we would be happy to arrange a personalized safari to fit your wildest dreams – this is our real passion! We are an international team who are dedicated to making your experience in Africa the best it can be. We know Africa intimately since each member of our team has lived and worked in Africa.

Masai group photo with Primate Journeys Africa

What Makes Us Unique?

On our Journeys you can explore fantastic landscapes on foot, in an off-road 4x4 Safari Jeep, by boat on the Mighty River Nile or the Kazinga Channel and get close to the incomparable animal wealth of East Africa. Experience romantic moments with your loved one, search for animal tracks together with the whole family, go on a true game drive adventure, enjoy a marvellous lodge stay or an realistic tent safari surrounded by pure wilderness – let your African dream come true with Primate Journeys Africa. Get in touch with us and tell us your ideas and options – our team will be happy to guide you towards your once-in-a-lifetime Journey.

Our Team

What makes us proud as a team is that each member is driven by the desire to travel, explore and submerge themselves in new destinations & products. In our increasingly digital-first industry, they are the few who can of our clients, authentic insights and new ways to explore. Our travel consultants have been with Primate Journeys Africa since inception, all of us have lived in our specialist regions and travel around the region regularly. We will connect you with the best places to stay, introduce you to charismatic guides and share hidden gems. All things which are certain to make your trip extraordinary!
Just know that we're not just a website search engine. We're real people, in real offices - and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest. When you talk to us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the regional travel. Why spend hours researching unknown places, flight routes and transfers when our specialists can share this wisdom with you effortlessly, and tailor something amazing for you that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind.

Rukundo Samuel

Director & Founder

Paul Mucunguzi

Finance & Administration

Derrick Rukundo

Guide | Operations Manager

Clare Agaba

Reservations Manager

We're a DMC Specialising in East Africa

Are you looking for Business partners?

Are you an agent thinking of adding Uganda or any East African country to your African collection, or perhaps looking for someone who can provide you with a Bespoke Safari/Service outside of the mass-market offerings? With 12 years’ of experience on the ground in Uganda, we are uniquely positioned to offer you the best of our Safari Services. We are a fully-fledged DMC (destination management company) that offers tour facilitation through local knowledge, expertise, and resources.

We engage in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics. Our combined divisions collection makes our company distinctively capable of covering all basis and needs when collaborating with you on a business to business (B2B) or direct business to client (b2c) basis. How the word adventure and experience has evolved for us over the years is something to behold. However, so we had our first meet & greet at Entebbe International Airport, where we welcomed The Petros Network team (Ray & Linda Noah) who are to this day, close friends. We set off with three "safari Vans" to the Eastern Part of Uganda where they have changed the lives of many Ugandans through church planting, thereafter we embarked on a three day's Mighty Murchison Safari and the rest, as they say, is history! This is a story for around the bonfire, so do chat with us.

We're a DMC
Our team on a B2B Journey in Masai-Mara, Kenya November 2021

Responsible Travel

Primate Journeys Africa’s purpose is to allow you experience new people and places, whilst respecting and preserving the cultural integrity of the people and the natural state of the environments we visit.


When packing, bear in mind that relatively little commercial recycling is done in East Africa. Where possible remove packaging before you go to Africa and use biodegradable products. Whilst on the road, retain your litter until you reach a town or city where it can be disposed of safely


Water may seem plentiful at the time you are travelling on your safari, however many people in Africa are totally reliant on seasonal surface and rain water that is within walking distance. They share this limited resource with both their domestic livestock and the wildlife for which Africa is famous. With this is mind, we promote conservative water usage and support the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Wherever possible we support the economies of the many rural areas through which we travel. We encourage our clients to purchase local food for their lunches and we also encourage visiting in villages where souvenirs can be purchased directly from the craftsmen or women. Purchase of products produced from endangered and/or protected fauna and flora (example is products from ebony tree) is discouraged.

Cultures & Respect

Consideration should be taken of the customs and beliefs of the people you meet on your travels. Some cultures have beliefs regarding having their photograph taken, so it is polite to ask permission first. Attitudes with regards to clothing are often quite conservative, so your dress code should take this into consideration. To ensure that you don’t offend, revealing garments like G-string bikinis should be avoided. Religious beliefs and events should always be respected. Trying to understand the customs and beliefs of the people you meet will enhance your travel experience and broaden your perspective.

Fauna and Flora

You may pass through some fragile and unique ecosystems that deserve particular respect. Some immensely important concerns, such as the preservation of endangered animals like the mountain gorillas are obvious. Less obvious perhaps is the preservation of all habitats as they support a myriad of species, as is the preservation of lesser known species of fauna and flora. Take care where you walk stick to established paths and leave things as beautiful and untouched as you find them.